2020 Summer Season Reservations

General Information

The HCRA Board has approved the following registration requirements and process for the 2020 Pool Season, in order to help manage access to the pool.  Please follow the directions below and we look forward to having you at the pool.

If you need to pay your dues or pay late fees, please visit the Cardinal Management website at Make-A-Payment.

Please read the Supplemental Pool Rules regarding the processes, procedures, and expectations of our pool patrons during the 2020 Summer Season.

Please NO walk-ins are allowedALL pool patrons (adults and children) must have completed the Release Form (see below) to obtain access to the reservation system AND will be required to sign an Acknowledgment Form (see below) upon entry to the pool.

Also, NO guests are permitted during the 2020 Pool Season.

Prior to Coming to the Pool

  1. Please sign a Pool Patron Release Form / Pool Patron (Minor) Release Form for each member of their household. You will not be able to access the reservation system unless you have completed this form and submitted it to Board@hcrafairfax.org.
  2. Restricting pool patron usage numbers by a Reservation System which limits the number of patrons during swim sessions. Pool patrons are asked to restrict their use of the pool to two sessions per week/only one reservation per weekend.
  3. Your status must be valid in the CellBadge check-in system. If you need assistance with CellBadge or need to make changes or updates to your member account, please email Board@hcrafairfax.org and we will assist you.
  4. Pool patrons will have to sign and date (the date you swim) a Pool User Acknowledgment form upon entry to the pool house. You may pre-print your form at home and bring it with you to help HCRA save copy costs.


To access the form, you will need a version of ADOBE Acrobat.  It is installed in most computers, but if not you can download a free version of Acrobat Reader from: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

There are two methods to submit the form:

Electronic (preferred)

    1. Open the form in Acrobat(reader).  Fill out the required fields.  Note that for the date field there is a dropdown arrow at the right side of the field which opens a calendar where you can select a date.  Alternatively, you can type the date in MM/DD/YY format.
    2. To sign the form, click on “fill and sign” on your toolbar.  If not visible, select “tools” and then “Fill and sign”.  When you see “who needs to sign” select “you” option.  Above the form, select the “sign” button (has a fountain pen tip and some squiggles), if prompted, type in your name and it will create a signature.  Your signature will appear at your mouse cursor, move the mouse to the signature block and click (placing the signature in the form).
    3. Click the “submit” button, and then choose to use your default email application or webmail if appropriate.  The form will then open an email with the form attached for you to send it to board@hcrafairfax.org.
    4. Alternatively, you can save the form and email it to board@hcrafairfax.org
    5. Note if you have a tablet, you may be able to download the form, fill it out and sign it with a stylus and email the form to board@hcrafairfax.org without using Acrobat reader depending on your tablet.


    1. Download and print out the forum.
    2. Fill it out manually.
    3. Scan and email your form to board@hcrafairfax.org or deliver it to Board Member Dave Klain at 12753 Ashleigh Court for manual processing.